[5/10/22] Graduation of Sharing Group

[5/10/22] Graduation of Sharing Group

2022.05.10 (Tue) 1:30-3:00 PM

“The Graduation” of The Sharing Group (3/1-5/10, 10 weeks)

West Scarborough United Methodist Church

Wonderful Graduation

We had a wonderful graduation celebration with our spiritual companions in Christ as we complete another chapter of our spiritual journey with the Old Testament Panorama. I never thought about the graduation for our Sharing Group. but with a fantastic idea from Sarah Jane, I prepared a beautiful and meaningful celebration of graduation.

Certificate of Faithfulness

As I prepared the graduation, I learned that it would be great to recognize the faithful participation and excellent contribution of our spiritual companions for the last ten weeks because I learn a lot from their sharing, contributions with visuals, handouts, and other materials, and their knowledge, experiences, and spiritual insights.

Learning Lab & Holy Communion

This group was a wonderful Learning Lab where everyone learn from one other by sharing their own things. It is always wonderful to finish one chapter of our spiritual journey with the Holy Communion, which was the last thing Jesus did with his beloved disciples. Thank you so much for all of your participation, contribution, and sharing! I am looking forward to having the next Sharing Group!

A Sad Thing

I was so sad that we missed You, our faithful companions for our big graduation party today…: Duane Jutting, Mary Jutting, and Seth Murdock. I saved Certificates of Faithfulness for all of you!