Letter from Pastor Gil and Hannah on Sept 8, 2023

Letter from Pastor Gil and Hannah on Sept 8, 2023

Missional Connection Sunday on September 10, 2023
This Sunday, September 10, 2023, holds special significance as it presents a unique opportunity to foster global connections with a dedicated Global Board of Global Mission (GBGM) missionary who will be stationed in Ireland soon. Rev. Courtney Randall previously served as a pastor at Cornerstone United Methodist Church from 2010 to 2012. This connection will be particularly meaningful for the Cornerstone family, but it will also be a valuable asset for all three churches in the Living Waters Circuit Ministry.

The Randall family's journey to Ireland has encountered unexpected delays, and they find themselves waiting for the necessary visas, a process that will now extend for an additional 12 weeks. Despite the current challenges, what stands out is their unwavering faith and commitment to God's mission, even in the face of unexpected twists and turns. Their steadfastness is indeed inspiring.
Engaging with a global missionary such as Rev. Courtney Randall fills me with joy and anticipation. It presents a unique opportunity to broaden our perspective on the profound work that God is undertaking worldwide. Through conversations with missionaries, we can gain insight into the diverse ways God is at work in different corners of the globe.
I propose naming this invaluable connection “GloCal Mission.” This term aptly encapsulates our mission strategy, which seeks to strike a balance between local and global outreach. Often, we are deeply embedded in our local contexts, which can occasionally lead to a limited view of God's work. However, by actively engaging with the life and experiences of a missionary, we can maintain a robust global perspective on the transformative actions of God throughout the world, as well as His boundless love and care for all of humanity.

Pastor Gil and Hannah Lee


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