Personal Devotion #01 by Linda Bidler

Personal Devotion #01 by Linda Bidler

“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples” (1 Chronicles 16:24)

We’re living in a very difficult time right now. Disease, death, discord, poverty. Businesses are closing at a rapid pace. Supplies are limited. Doctor’s appointments are booked for months ahead, and hospital beds are scarce. It’s easy to think we’re alone in our semi-isolated lives. But nothing could be farther from the truth. We are Christians. We will never be alone. And so together, we pray.

In his book, God’s Prayer Book: The Power and Pleasure of Praying the Psalms, Ben Patterson states: “we don’t start the praying, we join the praying.” He goes on to say, that when he prays, he imagines himself in the midst of a colossal assembly of God’s people from every tribe, language and nation and praying with them.

What a beautiful picture of what God sees. He sees what we see, but He also sees His people coming together simultaneously worshiping Him, praising Him and asking for direction. He sees the power of love on earth. From every nation, in every time zone, the power of prayer, worship and song vibrates our world. (And you thought this only happened in heaven!)

Let’s not be silent. Let’s continue to show by our actions, mercy, forgiveness and prayer that we are one. Let us show that no matter what our world looks like right now, we can come together to declare His glory among the nations.

Lord, when I gave my life to you, you wrapped me in your arms and promised to protect me. You did that and so much more. You allowed me to become united with my brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe to worship you, honor you and to be an example to unbelievers. Thank you for including me.

“No Christian is an only child”—Eugene Peterson