[Video] Celebration of Life – “Michael G. Coughlin” (1/6/2022, 4:30pm)

[Video] Celebration of Life – “Michael G. Coughlin” (1/6/2022, 4:30pm)

2022.01.06 (Thu) 4:30 PM Celebration of Life – “Michael G. Coughlin”


Having an opportunity to lead a memorial service is a privilege as a pastor because the time of meeting with the family, meditating and preparing the service, and leading the celebration of the life give me more opportunities to think about the last moment of my life and prepare me live a more faithful to God and the people.


Being at the last moment of someone’s life with the people who love the person is the most fruitful class for the rest of my life here on earth because I learn a lot of things from the people who love, share their grief, and encouraging each other by hugging, crying, and laughing together. I got a new definition of family that are the people who cry together, laughing together, and sharing tons of feelings together.

Dear Michael G. Coughlin, Thank you for giving me a great opportunity to lead the celebration of your precious life as your last pastor yesterday. Even though I could not have a chance to meet and talk with you, I could feel how wonderful and beautiful life you lived by seeing your friends who share great memories with you in tearing, laughing, and grieving. I believe you are always in the heart of your wonderful friends and family. Peace in Christ. https://www.legacy.com/…/michael-mike-coughlin-obituary…